Official Opening of dCaf 21st March 2007

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Photographs courtesy of Lisa Charles

Report on the Official Opening of dCaf

With many weeks of training in Youth Work under Volunteers belts, several buckets of paint dipped into by Turlough O’Donnell and his very talented art students, a major spring clean and many days and nights of hard work we were ready to send out the invitations to the Launch of dCaf.
The Big Night Wednesday 21st March arrived and we were ready to open the door. The night was a great success with a large crowd in attendance.
Caron Flynn one of the young volunteers was a wonderful M.C. for the night.
Rena O’Neill spoke on behalf of St. Josephs Hall committee and said they were very pleased to hand the project over to the dCaf volunteers.
Eddie D’Arcy manager of Youth Work Services CYC encouraged the young people present and all who would be using dCaf to respect the facility and the volunteers who are there for their benefit, because they care about them. Eddie also commented on the fact that Blessington despite the increase in population seemed to be forgotten when funding for Youth Services were being handed out in the County.
Michael Sargent represented the Forum and wished all involved the best. He urged Politicians, Councillors and the VEC to help in any way they can to ensure the success of this much needed and valuable venture.
Bishop Eamonn Walsh was our special guest on the night and he had some very encouraging words for our young people. He brought the speeches to a close and prayed a lovely Blessing on dCaf and all who will use it.
We had some great entertainment from local singers and dancers with a surprise and very welcome appearance from Alan Kavanagh of You’re a Star fame.
Everyone enjoyed a well deserved cup of tea and some lovely food sponsored by the Parish. This was much appreciated by all as the Parish has put so much funding into this project already.
We are confident we can repay them with a facility and youth population that the Parish and the whole community will be proud to be associated with.

Betty Murphy

Blessing of dCaf (Bishop Eamonn Walsh)

Almighty God, source of life and love, we ask you to sanctify and bless dCaf and make it a "Hallowed Place of Dignity and Peace".
0 God make its doors wide enough to receive all who need human love and fellowship.
Narrow enough to shut out all envy, pride and strife.
Make its threshold smooth enough to be no stumbling block to children, or to straying feet, but rugged and strong enough to turn back all wrongdoing.
Lord bless all that will work, reside and come to visit here. Surround them with your protection and keep them free from all harms.
Make this a House of respect for all, where the goodness and talents of all are recognised, encouraged and developed. May it be a place where lost self-belief is restored, where self-sufficiency is promoted and where bad hands in life are made good.
Let the measure of God's love be the standard that motivates all who visit and live here, "a full measure, pressed down and overflowing".
Bless all who have made this day possible. May their goodness return to them when they need it most.
Make dCaf a place where all may be enabled to come closer to God and through that closeness to recognise and develop each other's inner goodness and dignity.

We ask this in the name of Jesus the Lord.

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