Blessington Drama

Contact &  Membership

W e have a committee of 13 adult volunteers and 2 teenage member representatives. The age limits which apply in the Society are 8-18 years. At present we have 80 members ranging in age from 8 to 17 years
W e meet to rehearse in the Blessington Theatre every Monday night from 7 pm-9pm from September to April inclusive. However,   keep your eyes open for details of events/workshops we may run during the summer.

Contact the Chairperson (see below for contact details)
Come along to chat to us on a Monday night

Membership is currently at full capacity, but we do have a waiting list - anyone interested
in putting their name on this list should contact the Society on (087) 4650835

Mags Ryan (Chairperson)
Tel: 087-6793159