Tramway Theatre,  Blessington
 Technical Specifications    
(Updated on12/12/2012)
Stage Lighting


tech48 Dimmers (48 x Zero 88 Chilli Pro 16Amp)

All Circuits 16 Amp  (see picture on right)
We do not have 13a/15a to 16a jumps or extensions.


Zero 88 Jester TL Extra (in control room)
DMX outlet in control room and on stage with dimmers in scene dock.


 8 x ETC Source 4 Zooms 15/30
 2 x ETC Source 4 Zooms 25/50
 6 x ETC Source 4 Juniors 25/50
 10 x Selecon Rama Fresnel (1.2k)
 9 x Thomas Par 64s (all cp62s)
 8 x Aurora Cyclorama Floods 1kw
 2 x Chauvet Q-Spot 560-LED Moving Heads (3x60w LEDs)
 6 x Miltec LED Par 144Qs  (18x8w RGBW LEDs)



FOH Motorised Lighting Bar (12 circuits)
Onstage is a suspended box truss grid using 4 x 250Kg LTM Loadguard Motors.
LX 1 – 12 Circuits
LX 2 – 12 Circuits
LX 3 – 12 Circuits
Use of grid hoists is restricted to in-house theatre staff !
FOH Stage Left and Right – Fixed Bar (5 circuits available on each but a dimmer unit needs to be hired)


Onstage Electrics

4 x 13amp Mains Sockets Stage Left
2 x 13amp Mains Sockets Up Stage
2 x 13amp Mains Sockets in Scene Dock off Stage Right
4 x 32Amp 2Phase Supply in Scene Dock off Stage Right.



8 x Stage Weights
8 x Stage Braces
Various lengths of 48mm Pipe
4 x Communication Radios


Stage Dimensions




Stage at ground level.  Difference between auditorium and stage measurements due to position of drapes.

Downstage Width



Upstage Width



Stage Depth



Grid Height




Junckers solid beech flooring with removable stage section.

3mm Plywood on 18mm plywood on lats and compression pads.



1 x Yamaha LS9-32 channel digital desk (up to 32 stage feeds and 32 local feeds).  Desk can be located on the balcony wing or control room.  Inbuilt graphics and reverbs. Multiple monitor sends.
1 x Yamaha LA1L Gooseneck Lamp
1 x Beyerdynamic DT770M headphones


2 x RAM Audio BUX 4.5 (Subs)
2 x RAM Audio BUX 1.6 ( 1 x FOH & 1 x Infill)
Total output is 8kW


2 x Bose LT9702 (FOH mid & top flown from pros arch)
4 x Bose MB12 (Subs floor mounted)
2 x Bose 802 (Infill for balcony)
4 x Yamaha MSR400 (Powered stage Monitors)
2 x TS-50 tripod speaker stands


2 x Bose Panaray® System Digital Controller II (FOH/Infills)


1 x Yamaha RK300 CD player with iPod playback facility
1 x Tascam MD02 Minidisc player/recorder
1 x Numark CDN22 Mk5 dual CD player



2 x AKG CS1000 general purpose microphones
2 x AKG C1000S condenser microphones
2 x Sennheiser e945 condenser microphones
2 x Sennheiser e845 dynamic microphones
1 x Shure SM58 dynamic microphone
4 x Beyer Opus 600 wireless handheld dynamic microphones
1 x Sennheiser e600 Drum microphone kit
2 x Sennheiser e912 Boundary microphones
4 x Boom microphone stands
6 x Telescopic Boom tall microphone stands
1 x Telescopic Boom tall microphone stand with K&M st bar
2 x K&M Overhead microphone stands
Misc microphone cables


Stage boxes

2 x Yamaha SB168-ES 16/8 Stage Box (Digital Multicore)


Seating Capacity



1 No. Mulberry House Curtain with front Side Masking Curtains and Overhead Pelmet.
1 No. Mid stage Traveller Black Wool Serge 10000mm x 5000mm
2 No. Pairs of Black Side Leg masking Black Wool Serge 2000mm x 5000mm
3 No. Truss Borders Black Wool Serge 10000mm x 1000mm
1 No. Seamless Cyclorama Filled White Cloth 10000mm x 5000mm
(2 x Black Wool curtains available on loan to replace White Cyclorama)