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Way Forward

The Way Forward……..

Response to Parish Survey Findings (2007)

In 2002, respondents to the Parish Survey identified a number of strategies that should be employed as we move forward with local developments. These included:

• fostering a better community spirit and encouraging newcomers to become involved
• fostering teenage interest in the town
• encouraging new initiatives by listening to each other, agreeing to disagree

To achieve this, they felt we should

• take a close look at what is working well and incorporating this into new and existing activities,
• encouraging lay people to play a leadership role rather than leaving this role solely to the priests, and
• improving communication and publicity,
• do things now!

Reading this report, there is little doubt that as a community we have achieved a lot over the past five years. It is a very impressive record of which we should be proud. Readers will also note that there are still some areas that we need to address and that is indeed what we intend to do. We would welcome the input and support of all parishioners, individuals and community groups, as we undertake this work together. We have a busy time ahead!

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