The Sacrament of Marriage

Congratulations and best wishes on your decision to get married. This leaflet is designed to help you make arrangements to get married in the any of the Churches in the Blessington Parish area.

Important points to consider:

1. A decision to get married in Church implies a commitment to religious belief and practice. If this is not present – if for example, you wish to use a Church for social or convenience reasons, then to get married in a Church is not right.

2. If you wish to declare before God and his Church your desire to become husband and wife and genuine difficulties of belief and practice arise – then it would be better if such problems were faced up to, and any priest will be only too happy to help.

3. Marriage in Church implies a life commitment so it is essential to make adequate preparation – a pre marriage course should be seriously considered.
(Phone Accord at 01 4784400 for details of a course in your area).

4. An application form is available from Parish Office. Tel: 045-865327, e-mail:

5. Church Law - You must give three months notice  to the priest of the parish in which you reside. He will then prepare your marriage papers, which must include: *Baptismal Certificate *Confirmation Certificate * Letters of freedom (if necessary) *Pre nuptial enquiry form
These documents must be in Blessington one month before your wedding.

6. If you live outside of Ireland – the papers must be prepared where you now reside and sent to the Reverend Chancellor, Archbishops House, Drumcondra, Dublin 9.

7. For an inter Church wedding, the Roman Catholic partner requires the permission
of the Bishop of the diocese in which you reside.

Civil Requirements for Marriage ......Please click here

The Ceremony

If you are from outside of Blessington Parish – you must bring your own priest to celebrate the marriage, and the liturgy will be arranged with him.


It is up to the Bride and Groom to make their own arrangements for music in the marriage ceremony. This should be done in consultation with the priest officiating at the ceremony.


The flowers are also the responsibility of the couple. If your wedding is celebrated on a Saturday, we would appreciate if you would leave them in the Church for the week-end Masses (since there is little time for the flower arrangers to do their normal work).

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If you have any further queries, please contact The Parish Office at 045 865327