Week of Guided Prayer

Following the success of last year’s Week of Guided Prayer, the Parish is once again offering a Week of Guided Prayer from Sun 25th Nov to Sat 1st Dec. Guided Prayer is like a Mini Retreat where you don’t have to go away to a quiet beautiful place to find God, it is about finding God in your every day life, in all your ups and downs by taking some quiet time each day on your own. Participants are invited to meet with a prayer guide for ½ hour at an agreed time and then to spend ½ hour in personal prayer at home. There is a group session of all the participants and prayer guides on the Sunday at the beginning of the week and on the Saturday at the end. Places are limited.
Call 045 865327 to book your place.


Adoration / Silent Prayer

Every Tuesday evening 7.30pm to 8.30pm
In Church of Our Lady, Blessington
All are welcome


Psalm Prayers for Every Mood

For individual themes

New reflective way to pray the Rosary.
 It takes you to a quiet place within, away from the noise and din of life and all its distraction into the presence of God.
You are welcome to visit anytime.

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