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Below you will find a brief history of how it all came about, but for now just to let you know we are in the process of finalising details re the move to our new base at the Old Library Building and look forward to great times ahead!!

For any information please Call/text 087 2929039 or 086 250 8230.
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How it all came about – the story so far

Blessington Men’s Shed is a new group for active men living in Blessington and the surrounding areas - there are no restrictions other than age - you have to be 18 years of age or over! The Men’s Shed is a community-based organisation or club where the primary activity is the provision of a safe, friendly and inclusive environment where men are able to gather and pursue their hobbies or work on group projects at their own pace, in their own time and in the company of other men.

The Shed has been established to provide a space for men who have time on their hands by being retired, or who are between jobs, or especially those who, sadly, may never have had a job. However, all active men are welcome into what has been created as a democratic venture.
Planning started in June 2012 with encouragement form the Blessington Forum and involving a group of interested volunteers. In October Blessington Men’s Shed was registered as a company limited by guarantee. This will enable us to acquire charitable status and later compete for official funding for projects and training costs which will go a long way towards financial stability. We also insured the premises and this covers public liability. 
A committee has been elected to run the Shed and new members will have a vote to choose the next committee in October 2013. The committee organises finance, insurance and compliance with government regulations such as Health and Safety. A major task of the Committee will be to develop a financial sustainability strategy and we are confident that this will build gradually over the next year.
Tom O’Neil organises the day-to-day running of the Shed in conjunctions with members, as the members want. Membership costs just €12 per year, and men can work on a project of their own, or engage in tasks directed at raising revenue for the Shed, or helping with Community-based activities
Some men will bring their skills to the Shed and happily share them with others, whilst others may simply be comfortable to visit and chat. The kettle will be on the boil, and a cuppa and bickie are always available! The Shed is a designated "Stress-Free Zone".
Men are invited to drop in and see what's happening, have a chat & cuppa, and decide if the Shed is for them. If they return, membership application forms are available at the Shed, and these should be filled in. There is no vetting of new members, but obviously all members will be expected to follow the 'House Rules' established by the committee. A full Safety Statement has been prepared which will help to keep the Shed accident free.

Come along and join in the fun – chat, work shoulder-to-shoulder, share skills, feel useful, help to run community projects, etc.

Men's Shed Men's Shed
Men's Shed Men's Shed