Caring for your Rosary Beads

As a devout Christian with a deep love of Mary the Mother of God and her Divine Son in his Sacred Mysteries, one's rosary beads become a cherished link with the divine. That rosary beads may have been given as a present on the occasion of First Eucharist, Confirmation or indeed, as a wedding gift. It may have been purchased at a Marian Shrine such as Knock, Lourdes or Fatima as a souvenir. By now its well-worn stones will have chronicled many a mystery of joy or sorrow. Some rosary beads through constant use may have broken away from the original chain or bead thonging, while others may have come apart as a result of an accident. One good lady relates how her dog made bits of her cherished possession, while Junior on high chair has been known to engage in similar acts of pious vandalism!
Most rosary beads, no matter how strong the linking medium stand little chance of immunity when mixed in with such items as car keys, nor do they stand much of a chance in conflict with the various items of a handbag. Those who like to take their rosary beads to bed with them in order to 'pray the Rosary to sleep', may find that on awakening, that the chain has come apart during the night and the beads scattered.
It is strongly recommended that a rosary beads when not in use be kept on one’s person or in a handbag.
Small strong boxes may also be useful, but some plastic ones can be noisy. It used to be the custom in rural Ireland where the Rosary was the traditional evening prayer, that the rosary beads that was used to 'head the decades' (usually a rather large one), be hung up beside the fireplace after prayer.
Taking good care of a rosary beads is well worthwhile, but should they every require beads to be replaced or a chain strengthened, post them to:

Please include €3 for each rosary beads to cover repair, packaging and postage. Where extensive repairs, such as re- chaining, are involved, extra charges may be requested.

As Rosary Repairs is an entirely non-profit enterprise, costs are kept to a minimum. The usual cost of fixing ordinary repairs, due to natural use and wear is €3. This includes packaging and postal charges. Where extensive I repairs are necessary on any one rosary beads, a charge of €12 per hour may be requested.
Re-chaining with 20ga. Craft Brass wire (the strongest available) on a five-decade rosary beads will be charged at the rate of €12 an hour.
This can take up to one-and-a-half to two hours depending on the type of beads. As this may seem excessive (as a brand new rosary beads of excellent quality can be purchased for far less) re-chaining should only be undertaken where the rosary beads in question is of special sentimental value, i.e. belonging to a deceased loved one, having been blessed by St. Padre Pio etc.
When a rosary beads of special/ irreplaceable value is sent for repair, you should send it by registered post. It is also essential when submitting rosary beads for repair that the return address of the owner is written in BLOCK CAPITALS. -
All rosary beads sent for repair are carefully recorded and returned, repaired, within 10 days to their owners. Every effort will be made to ensure that all parts of rosary beads are returned. However, please do not enclose your broken rosary beads in a purse/s when sent for repair as purses can get lost on the workbench.
No responsibility will be accepted for rosary beads sent for repair without return address or rosary beads of irreplaceable value sent without being registered.

Thank you,
Kevin Lyon.

Rosary Repairs, Crosschapel, Blessington, Co. Wicklow, Ireland.
Tel: 045 865215
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