The unveiling of the signed Jubilee 2000 Covenant in the Church of Our Lady, Blessington.

Blessington 2000

In ancient times - God made a Covenant with his people Israel. This Covenant was renewed in Jesus Christ our Lord, in his life, work, death and resurrection. As believers in Him, we the Christian people of Blessington, at Pentecost 2000AD celebrate our common calling by God's grace, to do everything possible to live and work together so that we may become the kind of community to which God calls us and for which Christ prayed.

In the power of God's Spirit, we pray for the grace to
Put aside the legacy of all bigotry that has divided us.

In the power of God's Spirit, we rejoice as we recognise
His presence at work among us today.

In the power of God's Spirit, we pledge ourselves to be
Open to new ways of living, working and worshipping

This Millennium Year, we join ourselves in a perpetual Covenant with the grace of God's Spirit and Blessing.

Signed by the Parishioners of the Roman Catholic Churches & St. Mary's Church of Ireland Community Blessington

Presentation to Canon Nigel Dunne

At 11.00 a.m. Mass on Sunday 22nd December 2002 Canon Nigel Dunne (centre) was presented with a painting of St. Mary's Church, on the occasion of him leaving Blessington to take up a new appointment in Bandon. Also in the photograph are Fr Kevin Lyon P.P. (right) and Fr Tim Murphy Adm. (left).
Painting by: Turlough O'Donnell.

Farewell to Rev Kesh

We are very sorry that Rev. Kesh has left Blessington. We wish Kesh, his wife Catherine and their family every blessing and happiness in their new appointment in England.

Rev. Leonard Ruddock takes up his new appointment as Rector

The above two photographs are courtesy of Barry Hamilton