Church Art

Blessington Lake Viewed from Burgage .

Be still my soul...

It is a summer's day without a puff of wind, yet there is a ripple on the water. Possibly the ripple of conscience..? All is not as it should be. Maybe it is time to do something. The mountains and the fields have entrusted themselves totally to the Lake. Can I entrust myself to the unconditional love of the God who believes in me?

Lord, I long to be reconciled to You... and to those I have hurt and offended..

The almost insignificant stones at the water's edge, alone, hard, unconnected, fiercely independent... in need of no one or nothing. The warm summer's water comes gently caressing. Life does not have to be like this. Real forgiveness and reconciliation are possible.

Have courage, my daugbte-rlmy son, your sins are forgiven you.