Church Art

Mass Rock near Hollywood

'Cead Mile Failte romhat, a Íosa, a Íosa.'

The Mass Rock is part of what we are. In 18th century Ireland, people came and knelt around this rock in all kinds of weather. Why? Because they believed in the reality of God's presence. the presence of God in the power, that created and then split this rock... His presence in the delicate design of the fern leaf. It was Real Presence in the bread and wine on the table of the rock that brought our ancestors to their knees in this place.

'Go my friends and do the same until I come again.'

The life of God in the golden fern reaches out to touch the discarded stole, symbol of the priesthood, offering new life... Today, something new is being created.

'I cried a tear - You wiped it dry.
I was confused - You cleared my mind.
I sold my soul - You bought it back for me.
You needed me. You even called me friend.'
'I am among you as one who serves.'