Church Art

Mullaghcleevaun, the highest mountain in our area.

'God's Spirit is in my heart.'

This mountain demands a decision. You do not wake up one morning and find yourself on top of Mullagheleevaun by the afternoon - unless you make a decision, a commitment to the mountain.

Confirmation is my decision, my commitment to Jesus Christ.

In the foreground, the soft pastoral beauty of my childhood faith... maybe like the two rocks. This is where I am and this is where I want to stay. But life is a journey and sooner or later I am called out to the boggy lowlands of the mountain. Now every step is unsure and demanding. There is no way back to the security of my former faith. Yet God's Spirit is calling me out onto the clear mountainside of adult faith. My decision, is rewarded with gifts, enabling me to walk in a way I never thought possible before.

Lord, You search me and You know me You know my resting and my rising You discern my purpose from afar. All my ways lie open to You.
Anointed by the Holy Spirit, I face the challenges of life with confidence.