Church Art

The Shankill River at Cloghlea Bridge.

The Spirit of God in the clear running water.

The mystery of the life of the river, the flowing water, the mystery of spiritual birth, the life of God's Spirit in me... because of my Baptism. Nothing can stop or hold back the life of the water, the life of God's Spirit within me. Just as the rocks and boulders are used by the artist to give shape to his painting, so God can use even what is negative in me to give shape and beauty to my life. In the rocky pool - the Church - there is life, there is healing. I may be only a pebble in the pool, but I am part of something wonderful, great and life-giving. In the rocky pool I am part of the very existence of God.

Praise to You, God the Holy Spirit for You anointed Christ at His Baptism, in the waters of the River Jordan, so that I might be baptised into You.