Church Art

The Old Road, Black Hill, Lacken

Lord as we tread the rocky road of Life, we grow weary, we fall ill and grow old.

Wind, rain, frost and snow have exposed the very sinews of the road. Pain and suffering have done their worst... so much of the top soil is washed away. A deep gorge has been cut into a once strong and proud personality. But the heather and the wild flowers, the gentle green grass speak of another presence willing to soothe, caress, enfold.

Through this holy anointing, may the Lord save you and raise you up.

There is a presence on the road, willing to support and heal, above all to reassure and fulfil the promise: 'you never walk alone.' One day we will all reach the final bend on the road, already we may be nearer the top than we think.

What need I fear when thou art near 0 King of night and day.